Chimney Rock Archeological Area

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The archeological areas of Colorado are of significant importance, as they provide us with an insight to our past and culture. Archeological areas around the world are of immense importance and very sacred among the masses of that particular area. The Chimney Rock Archeological Area in Colorado is of high archeological importance. The history of this place goes back more than 1000 years when the ancestors of the Pueblo Indians used to live in the area. They had a strong culture and were very prominent during that period.

The Pueblo Indians regarded this area as very sacred and an important part of their lineage. Archeologists have so far located 91 homes in that area. Nothing much is left of those homes and specifics are difficult to recognize. The twin rock pinnacles in that area are of significant importance to the Pueblo Indians and are extremely spiritual to them. Efforts are on going in order to preserve the sacred structures and fragile monuments in that area. Tourists are allowed to visit the area, but are cautioned about how they should be careful in visiting a place like this. Guided walking tours are available for visitors.

The USDA Forest Service protects the area for preservation purposes. The public also contributes by giving donations and by shopping from the visitor’s area. As the area lies between Donago and Pagosa Springs, the area is also managed by the Pagosa District Rangers. The site is under research with the help of University of Colorado Archeological Research Center. The Colorado Preservation Inc regards this area as an endangered place. The Chimney Rock Archeological Area is not only sacred and important to the Pueblo Indians, but is also a great national treasure as well. Proper measurements have to be taken to ensure its preservation for years to come.

Various environmental and human factors are responsible for the deterioration of such places and it is an important task for the authorities to manage the monument accordingly. The site stabilization work is in progress and hopefully the national historic treasure will not erode anytime soon. Public awareness is also required so that people who visit the place know the sacredness of the area. Visitors are only allowed to walk on specified paths and roads with proper guidance. Visitors are not allowed to camp in the area in order to avoid theft of historic artifacts and other structures. Visitors are motivated to do as much as they can to protect the place with the help of donations.

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