Cave of the Winds

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Cave Of the Winds in Manitou Springs, Colorado is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year!  Originally discovered by Arthur Love in the 1860’s, the cave was explored and excavated by George Washington Snider.  Mr. Snider was an adventurer from Ohio who had made his way west in search of fame and fortune.


Under his direction, the cave was first opened up for tours in 1881.  Visitors would arrive for tours by railroad and on horseback in those days. Today, visitors still arrive to tour Cave Of the Winds.  These days, they most often come in SUV’s and mini-vans according to staff.  In 1907, the first electric lights were installed in the cave, making it easier for visitors to navigate around.


The attraction is about 75 miles from Denver and takes a little over an hour to make the trip.  Cave of the Winds is open every day except for Christmas days too, making it the perfect pace to visit almost any day of the year.


Visitors can experience the latest attractions including a wind walking challenge course and a dinner theatre. More information on the wind walking challenge course can be seen at  The course is located on the rim of Williams Canyon.  Here, adrenaline junkies of all ages who are over 48 inches tall can navigate through a maze wearing a special safety harness.  Tickets to the course cost $15, but discounts are available for those that register online.


Tickets to the dinner theatre are only available online.  Visitors that attend the theatre production will help to solve a mystery and meet the early owners of the Cave of the Winds while enjoying great food.  The dinner theatre takes place every Friday night from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Visitors who want to explore the cave itself have several options.  The Discovery tour is available for $14 for people over the age of 11.  Children ages 6-11 can take the tour for $7.  The Lantern tour is available for $18 for adults over 11 years of age and for $9 for children under 11.  Young children are welcome to visit the cave, but parents are warned that strollers can not be used on cave tours.  Likewise, the cave is not handicapped accessible, but the gift shop and other areas of the attraction are accessible to handicapped visitors.


For more information on Cave of the Winds, visit or call 719-685-5444.

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