Buffalo Bill Grave in Colorado

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Coloradans who have driven up I-70 into the Rockies from Denver probably noticed the signs pointing to Buffalo Bill’s Graveyard. Fortunately for those who are curious, it is more than just a graveyard but Buffalo Bill’s Museum & Grave. This Colorado museum pays tribute to Buffalo Bill as a celebrity back when the buffalo still roamed the Great Plains.

Born William F. Cody in 1846, Buffalo Bill got his nickname due to his sharp shooting skills as a buffalo hunter. He played a major role in Colorado’s Wild West as a scout during the Indian wars but also later as an advocate for American Indians. Buffalo Bill’s Museum & Grave covers his life and history through illustrations, artifacts and firearms. Check out his firearms and weaponry of choice at this Denver museum.

Outside of the museum is the Pahaska Tepee, which served as the original Buffalo Bill museum in 1921 but has since been converted into a gift shop and café. The observation deck and Buffalo Bill’s grave boast a spectacular view of the Great Plains and Rockies all the way to Denver. Enjoy a picnic with the family and a one-mile hike around the museum.

For hours and location visit http://www.buffalobill.org

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