Antelope Canyon

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The Antelope Canyon is one of the most visited slot canyons in the world and is based in Navajo, Arizona. The Antelope is separated into two slot canyon sections which both have been named as ‘The Crack’ and ‘The Corkscrew’. The perfectly carved sandstone is one of the most glamorous looking structures on the planet and has been standing for many millenniums. It is still undiscovered when the Antelope Canyon was first recognized but it is believed by local Navajo residents who have been in Navajo, AZ for years that the Canyon was used for cattle when they grazed in the winter.

The elegant Antelope Canyon is split into two narrow sections, which only allows for a small group to walk across the delightful canyon and also captures glimpses of sunlight to shine down the canyon’s edges. It is hard to explain how narrow the Antelope Canyon is between the two sections, but can possibly be described by the following: if a human were to stretch out both their arms, they could touch both sections of the canyon.

The Antelope Canyon has been developed over time due to the heavy rainfall in monsoon seasons that seeps through the passages of the canyon and builds up a lot of speed to erode sand away from the hard edges. This is what produces the finely smoothed edges combined with the wind that helps in the sculpture of the canyon. Because of the narrow pathways, it is very likely to flood and this does still occur in the canyon. This happened in October 2006 where a flood lasted 36 hours in the Antelope Canyon.

The ‘Antelope’ Canyon developed its name many years ago when herds of antelope strayed openly through the canyon, which explains why the canyon is now called the Antelope Canyon.

The Antelope Canyon is a very popular attraction for tourists and photographers to visit and the Navajo nation have used the Antelope Canyon to their advantage very well. There are guided tours by representatives of the Navajo tribal park that offer tours of the Antelope Canyon for a small admission fee. General admission fee is $6 for adults and children 8 and older, but children 7 or younger are free. The tours normally last around 1.5 hours for ‘The Crack’ canyon section and 1 hour for ‘The Corkscrew’ canyon section. There are numerous companies in the Navajo area that offer tour guides such as the Navajo Tours, Antelope Canyon Tours, Grand Circle Adventures, and Overland Canyon Tours.

However, not all tourists who have gone to visit the breathtaking Antelope Canyon have come out of the canyon to pass on how wonderful the Antelope Canyon is. In August 1997, eleven tourists tragically died from a flash flood. The flash flood was caused by an earlier thunderstorm and it was the rain that built up seven miles away that travelled into the canyon’s basin, whipping through the Antelope Canyon taking anyone in its path.

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