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Located at 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott, Zip Adventures is the only place in the state of Colorado where you can zip 30 miles for every hour over a jagged canyon while enjoying the beautiful trees, raging rivers, rugged rock cliffs and pristine mountains.

Open from May to December, Zip Adventures offers six different ziplines ranging between 150 ft and 1000 ft over the Colorado canyon, as well as six wheel Swiss Army Penzgauer. You will surely enjoy soaring 100 ft to 200 ft above the Alkali Canyon. You will be amazed as the walls of the canyon drop out from beneath you, showing the spectacular beauty of the floor of the canyon.

The tour, which involves easy to moderate hiking, will take about two to two-and-a-half hours. Each group, which consists of over 12 persons, is guided by two trained guides. You can choose to join a group or gather your own group for a team building activities.

The tour starts with a thorough, informative briefing of the tour and gear. Then, you will board the Penzgauer four wheel drive for a five-minute drive to the canyon.

A member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), Zip Adventures Inc conforms to or exceeds the challenge course industry’s safety standards when it comes to design, operations and construction. Its guides are highly trained in the safety of climbing, ziplining, first aid and CPR. Since its top priority is safety, Zip Adventures uses high quality gears, which are rigorously and regularly maintained and inspected. Its staff is committed to presenting the environment in an eco-friendly manner and educating people about the wildlife, flora and fauna.

Guests are encouraged to wear a hat that will stay while on the action, tennis shoes, hiking boots or closed-toe shoes, hair-tie, long pants, and rain jacket in case of a rain storm. Guests are also advised to apply mosquito repellent and sunscreen and bring cameras that have security straps.

Zip Adventures can safely take people with weight ranging from 60 lbs to 230 lbs, including children who do not have fear of heights. Guests should also have the endurance to hike ¾ mile on trails.

Zip Adventures offers online reservations, with a cost of $150 per person, inclusive of water, snacks and safety gear. For groups with less than six members, cancellations can be made at least two days in advance and three days in advance for groups of six members or more.

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