Unser Racing

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Unser Racing is an indoor go kart racing track that has racing for everyone for ages 6 and up.  It is Colorado’s premiere indoor karting facility.   All you have to do is show up at Unser and drive.  They run over 84 race heats a day.  They also have racing leagues that you can join no matter if you are a beginner or a pro.  Each week they offer a different race format such as an endurance race, a best time challenge, or a full Grand Prix.  They also have corporate events where you can take your clients for a corporate meeting and fun, or use it as a way to reward your staff.

Unser Racing is a full service facility and they provide all the equipment that you need to race their karts.  When you make your first visit you will have a safety and comprehensive training session.  They have two types of karts, which are youth karts and adult karts.  For the youth karts you have to be between the ages of 6 and 13 and be at least 4’2” tall to drive.  If there is a seat insert, you only need to be 4’ tall.  For the adult karts, you need to 14 years of age and up with a height of 5’ tall and over.

In order to be able to race, you need to have a membership, which is $5 for a temporary membership or $50 a year.  In addition to the yearly membership fee, an adult will have to pay $20 each time they visit and a youth will have to pay $15 a visit.

Their tracks, of which there are 3, is an indoor track that stretches to just under one fourth of a mile that features 8 corners and on the back corner there is a split section.  The track averages about 20 feet wide and offers the drivers several technical and passing sections in which to challenge the driver’s skills on every level.

The karts you will be driving are 270 CC Honda four stroke engines with 11 horse power that can get speeds from 45 miles per hour and up for the adults.  For the youths they will be driving a 160 CC Honda four stroke engine with 6 horse power that gets speeds 30 miles per hour and up.  They can accommodate 60 racers an hour.

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