Things to Do in Denver, Colorado

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Maintaining its status as the slimmest state in the country, Colorado inevitably has an overwhelming supply of outdoor enthusiasts. After all, Denverites don’t stay thin by being idle and gluing themselves to the sofa! To upkeep a healthy weight, Coloradoans move around – and they certainly have the natural, inspiring landscape to encourage them to continue to do so.

No matter whether it is summer or winter in Denver, residents find Colorado outdoor activities to engage in regardless of the weather. Colorado is host to many summer and winter sports and heart-pounding activities to keep the calories burning and the blood flowing.

Winter is the time of year when Coloradoans take advantage of the thrill of snow. Skiing and snowboarding are the most obvious choices among the likes of world famous ski resorts such as Vail, Aspen, Winter Park, and Breckenridge, but other snow sports and activities have emerged as well: Snow shoeing, ice fishing, ice skating – even ice sculpting!

Summer, on the other hand, inspires Denver natives to embark on hiking trails, biking trails and camping adventures in the mountains. They enjoy trendy outdoor events in Denver such as the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, the Renaissance Festival, A Taste of Colorado, and other spectacular annual Colorado events that offer fun in the sun.

Colorado is chocked full of professional sporting events as well since Denver is home to the stadiums for all 5 major pro sports: the Denver Broncos (football), Colorado Avalanche (hockey), Denver Nuggets (basketball), Colorado Rockies (baseball), and the Colorado Rapids (soccer.) There is always some sort of sporting event going on in Denver.

The Colorado sun can be quite brutal (even in the winter.) As a result, Colorado natives have become accustomed to wearing sunglasses and sunscreen throughout the year during both the summer and the winter. With the right gear, activities in Denver, Colorado can be done in spite of all sorts of weather. The temperature in Colorado can range from below zero in the winter to upwards of 100 degrees in the summer, but that never stopped a Coloradoan who is on a mission to do what he or she loves.

In the Mile High City, there is never a dull moment year ‘round. Denver outdoor activities exist in mass quantities and things to do in Denver are only limited by one’s imagination. Just ask any Denver native – they always have a huge to-do list of activities they would like to try.

Denver, Colorado is a great travel destination, or better yet, a great place to live for the thrill seeking outdoor enthusiast. “What to do in Denver, Colorado?” isn’t the question so much as “How can I fit all these activities into my schedule?” is!

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