The Country Club at Castle Pines

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The Country Club at Castle Pines is present in the village of Country Pines. This is located in Douglas County and is present to the south of Denver. This covers an area of 7400 yards. The golf club course gives a wonderful view of Colorado. Castle Pines is a beautiful golfing experience that attracts golfers from all over the country. This is one of the best golf playing areas with a spectacular scenic view.

So how do you get membership at the Country Club at Castle Pines? This is on a first come first served basis. Contact Kim Bartucio at 303-660-6807 for membership information.

The members have some privileges that they can enjoy. They are as follows: They can visit the restaurants; participate in other social clubs and events (many monthly events are organized), go to the bazaars, and much more. They get the chance to attend many courses like cooking classes, participate in night shows, dinner parties, night out with the kids every week to a special place, participate in games like football, participate in monthly entertainment events, live shows, live concerts, attend some lectures where eminent personalities give speeches, attend cocktail parties, have breakfast or lunch, and simply socialize with other members of the Country Club at Castle Pines. The initial fee is $89. Once you join, you will not want to quit your membership.

People will not be bothering about their scores over here as the view is so fascinating, but there are a number of serious golfers in the club. There is a lodge style clubhouse here and it is located close to 7000 feet above sea level. The beautiful view is the main reason most people hang out at the Country Club at Castle Pines.

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