Tango Colorado

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The Boulder and Denver dance floor that trains thousands of dancing enthusiasts is Tango Colorado. It’s fun for classes, parties, practices and handles dance floors for virtually every event both for singles and couples. Tango Colorado is the best authentic Argentine tango dance community of the country that schedules classes, training and practice for all those who seek it from the regions of Denver and Boulder. Started in 1996, the dance community boasts 400 active members from all over the state and 800 on the mailing lists. The floors have consistently been places for the dance called the “Milongas” and the practice sessions called the “Practica” in Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Aspen. It is cited as the oldest group of the country and one of the five largest with active sessions.

All the dance practices and lessons are held at the historical Turnveren Dance and Cultural Center, a huge 5000 square foot ballroom accommodating hundreds of people. Classes at the Tango are held separately for both beginners and experts. Every Tuesday, the Turnveren hosts beginners who are trained by experts with the hall overwhelmed with tango music. The practice classes follow the initial session that is sponsored by the Tango. For a member of the community the ticket costs $8 for a drop-in of a single class and $24 for a four week pass. For a non-member the costs incurred would be $10 for a single class and $32 for a four week pass. For groups, the Argentine Tango offers a discount of $5 for the beginner’s class and practice.

Training at the dance sessions is by experts like Amy Anderson, Michele Delgado, Robert Dodier, Roberta Farley and others. The dance is followed by tunes from the guitarists, violinists, pianos, and cellos. The Tango community also owns some of the famous artists and photographers to enhance the effect of the everyday schedules. They form the team when hosting any event.

The Tango group is famous all over the city for the number of events it has participated in throughout the years. It has demonstrated in a number of schools, colleges, libraries, the Denver symphony, Vail International Dance Festival, recitals, plays, Denver Zoo and many more. With the Tango Colorado May Milonga listed as the upcoming Argentine dance show, the Tango is expected to hit the streets of Denver to a great extent in the years to come. With the musicians, Argentine dancers, and photographers, the events held by Tango are nothing short of amazing.

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