Skyventure Indoor Skydiving

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Skyventure in Colorado is an indoor skydiving activity that is done in the absence of an airplane. It is a done in a vertical air-filled column, where the trainers teach the techniques underlying the flying process. A precise air flow combined with wall to wall manipulation make the experience thrilling and exhilarating. There are different packages available in this adventurous trip to suit all ages and abilities.

First time fliers can choose to participate in the Intro class, intro flight ticket, and party packages. For those who have a prior experience and are skydivers, they can step it up a notch to make their experience more fun. They can choose among the return flyers and sky drivers- peak or off peak, return flyers and skydivers packages. There are special discounts for corporate groups and birthday parties. Gift cards, certificates and DVD’s of your flight are all add-on features of this adventure.

The workings of Skyventure are extremely interesting. A huge number of 1200 horsepower fans generate free fall speed winds embracing a balanced and comfortable environment. Four 300 horsepower fans consistently circulate air generating the free fall effect that matches with the divers’ natural experience when jumping out of a plane. Balancing the position to equilibrium is trained by the tutors before entering the tunnel. The circulation of air follows a pattern where wind is generated away from the center toward the basement and when it reaches the bottom layers, it is forced to the center from all directions. This causes a cushion in the center where the body feels a sensation of equilibrium. It is on this that the flying altitude is determined. The air is then radiated out when it reaches the top of the tunnel.

The journey from beginners to experienced flyers can generally take up to 3 months. Progression in the flying adeptness is observed with a few steps:

  • Following basic stability principle with little assistance.
  • Holding a balance belly position with the center of the tunnel; the back should be firmly faced to the roof of the tunnel.
  • Able to display pivoted movement.
  • Move in all directions within the air column.
  • Head should be positioned downwards while flying.

Skyventure offers training camps for those who wish to attain perfection. Starting from head and belly positioning to full rate modulation, translational and super positional models, turns, grips, random and blocks are all taught during the camps.

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