Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

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Mile-Hi skydiving center is Colorado’s top ranked and largest skydiving facility.  There are more than thirty-five thousand jumps made annually.  They are a member of the United States Parachute Association.  Within a hundred mile radius of Denver, this is the only full-time skydiving operation.  This facility is thirty-five miles from Denver and twelve miles from Boulder.  Mile-Hi skydiving center has the largest fleet of full time twin-engine jet-prop airplanes.   They are also the only school to use the most sophisticated safety equipment available on all of their parachute equipment.

It has been in the same location since 1995 and it strives to provide the safest and best skydiving experience for everyone who uses their services.  They provide the best in aircraft, instructors, skydiving equipment, and customer service.  They train more than four times the amount of students than any other skydiving center in the mountain region.  First time skydivers go on a tandem fun jump so they can experience body flight.  The center also offers Colorado’s most advanced Accelerated Free Fall program to help you become a solo skydiver.

For experienced skydivers they offer a positive vibe with freefly, turn some points with friends, or fly the Mile-Hi Swoop Park.  This Swoop Park is the largest and fastest swoop pond in America.  They skydive next to the Rocky Mountains and Long’s Peak.  They offer skydiving year-round on weekends, and during the summer and spring, they offer skydiving Thursday through Sunday.

In addition to skydiving, they offer indoor parking, an indoor training center, indoor bathroom and shower facilities, a full time gear store, many video debrief areas, and a full time rigging loft.  They also have one hundred acres of smooth grass for landing.

If are new to skydiving you will skydive with a nationally licensed tandem instructor.  You will jump from up to eighteen thousand feet, where you will freefall at one hundred thirty mph.  After the free fall, you will slow down to a serene, quiet ride soaring like a glider to a landing.

They have the ability to take you from a novice to a World Champion.  Mile-Hi’s canopy school is regarded as one of the highest and most advanced canopy-training program available.  They are the only skydiving facility in Colorado that has the airlift power to drop one hundred jumpers per hour.  They can get you to jump altitude with eight to ten minutes compared to some other skydiving centers that can take twenty minutes.

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