Inner Tubing Down Boulder Creek

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Summertime in Denver usually comes with hot Colorado weather and the perfect excuse to go inner tubing down Boulder Creek.

The intense sunrays that the Rocky Mountains get at a mile above sea level can be scorching in the middle of summer and a refreshing adventure through Boulder Creek is just what the doctor ordered.

The first thing you do before going inner tubing down Boulder Creek is to check the weather and water levels. Tubing during high water levels is more dangerous and don’t ever get caught up downstream during a rain or thunderstorm.

The next step is to get your hands on an inner tube. Many people rent their inner tubes in Boulder as filling up your own evenly is a challenge to some and a hassle to others.

Once you have your inner tube, it is recommended that you wear a helmet in case you crash into a boulder and/or a lifejacket if you are not a strong swimmer. Tubers should also wear sandals with straps or water shoes as the bottom of the river is rocky and flip-flops usually are pulled away.

Don’t carry anything you might lose like wallets or cell phones. Tie your car key to yourself or put in a secure pocket.

Truck yourself over to the west end of Arapahoe Avenue to start your refreshing adventure during hot Colorado weather. You can also choose to start at Eben G. Fine Park where you can splash down the kayak course.

The ride itself takes about 15 minutes or longer depending on water flow so be prepared to walk back to the top of the river to have another go.

Tubers from the Boulder and Denver area can rent inner tubes from the following locations:

Whitewater Tube Co.
1717 15th Street
$11-$21 depending on tube type
Also rents out helmets and life jackets

1201 Arapahoe Ave
$12.50 per tube

McGuckin Hardware
2525 Arapahoe Ave
$11.99 per tube

Big O Tires
3000 Valmont Road
$12.95 per tube

Stay safe and have fun inner tubing down Boulder Creek this summer!

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