Glenwood Hot Springs

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This grand spring of Colorado is a legendary hot water spring that has been a powerful source of relaxation for over a thousand years. The hot water spring is a mineral rich source which is popular for its healing and rejuvenating capabilities. Discovered by the ancient Ute Indians, it owns tales of mountain adventures and excitement. Combining the comforts of the hot spring water to the modern facilities of lodging, a spa, a mini golf course, sports clubs, seasonal water slides, numerous pools and many other recreations, the Lodge at the Glenwood Hot Springs is fun for the whole family. Apart from all these fun and relaxing activities, there are the Rocky Mountains to be explored and trekked.

The Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge is the perfect break for all visitors. The lodge provides 107 spacious rooms that meet travelers’ expectations, with the pool being the major attraction. Water maintains a consistent temperature of 90 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit, all year ‘round. The natural spirit of the pool provides a soothing effect for the ultimate escape from daily chores. Unlimited hours of entry in to the pool and the depth of the base is a great way to spend a vacation. Diving and regular swimming are top choices here. “Recreation as source for relaxation” is the motto of the Glenwood Hot Springs where rafts, floats, masks, and foam discs are all allowed. But as means of precautions. A few things are prohibited in to the pool such as alcohol, glass bottles, hard plastic balls, containers, and weapons.

The spa is the main attraction of Glenwood Springs where massages and rejuvenating therapies are offered utilizing the legendry mineral water. The spa blends traditional mineral water from the springs with latest healing methods by using natural herbs, which provide pain relief and promote well being.

Athletic clubs with yoga classes and fitness centers are all part of the lodging package. Apart from having an everyday fitness routine, one can have special chit chats with personnel trainers to improve their fitness level. Grill, an exotic restaurant which has a menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, juices, smoothies and much more can make the day more energetic. The sports shop houses variable swim suits, bikinis and many other accessories from the best of brands and many others for the pool. Mini pools for kids, spa boutiques, and online shopping, are all available at the Glenwood Hot Springs. The Glenwood Hot Springs is a perfect holiday to push away the stress of everyday life and enlighten the inner spirit!

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