Echo Canyon River Expeditions

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Colorado’s best white water rafting experiences in the world famous Arkansas River has been the Echo Canyon River Expeditions, which is the world’s famous white water rafting since 1978. At Echo Canyon there is a thrilling experience for all ages. May it be the family float or the adventurous class white water half day, full day or multi trip day, there is memorable fun encompassing the expeditions. There are family and premium packages, group rafting, multiday trips, adventure rafting and Colorado rafting trips to suit all ages and tastes.

A few of the fun events are described as:

  • Bighorn Sheep Canyon: – It is a family trip where the excitements are just on marked levels. The rafting stretches to experience miles of the Rocky Mountain’s scenic beauty spotted with bighorn sheep.
  • Family float trip: – This is a six mile pleasant trip for families and kids to cherish the wild life along the foot of the Rockies.
  • Browns Canyon: – This is considered the best of all family trips and blends an inner wilderness study area with fun rapids like pinball and zoom flume.
  • Royal Gorge Colorado Rafting Adventure: – This is an exclusive adrenaline rush which combines the thrill of continuous white water rafting with navigation under the 1,100 feet high Royal Gorge Bridge.
  • Royal Gorge Rafting double dip: – This is another perfect trip suitable for rafting junkies where there is a combination of rafting with lunch and a few extra rafting extras.
  • Adventure class: This is considered the best of adventures with rafting from 9,000 feet high with exciting thrills from the Arkansas River.

Apart from these, there are others like: Raft n Rail, which gives a traditional touch with the royal 1950s dome car trips, paddle, saddle, and bridge, which includes a half day river side trip with one hour galloping on mule and tickets to the Royal Gorge Bridge. There are unique trips like white water Wine and Dine, fun family vacations, and white water rafting in Breckenridge and Keystone. Last moment changes, discounts and other dining facilities are all included. To keep up with customers who wish to have multi day trips to Echo Canyon, there are the multi day deluxe trips to the Arkansas and Dolores River and trips to the Ponderosa Gorge.

Reservations, age, and health issues are all subject to approval for safety reasons.

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