Denver Warrior Dash

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Every year Denver hosts the Warrior Dash, which is a run for victory over hazardous challenges. The terrain of the runway path is the most rugged surfaces of the world and the challenge it offers is amazing. Mud crawling, fire jumping and swirling through the toughest rocky terrains are all the aspects of the competition. The talented and daring warriors conquer the obstacles with great vigor and courage as they try to reach their goals.


Registration at the Warrior Dash:

The competitors who accept the challenge (though they are well aware of the complications ahead) are branched in to groups called waves. Every wave comprises of different age groups. The limitations in age show 14 as the lower limit and the higher depends on the individual judgment of health. All those over age 70 are grouped into one category. Registration of names is the responsibility of the team. But the decision of the wave depends on competitors’ strength and is wholly left to the participant.


Prize distribution:

Each wave starts from the starting line until the finish line. Those who can resist the challenge and finish at the fastest rate are considered winners. After all the waves are completed, the comparatively lowest time taken is considered as the winner. The prizes for the winners of the dash are given in three levels. The first is the “overall three” where the top three of all time men and women are given silver engraved helmets. Top three in each division are given steel helmets. Another is the “costume winner” – the person with the best costume is awarded a prize. Conditions for distribution of prizes are:


1.     Awards are distributed based on the age groups of participants on the day

2.     Awards are based on official net time taken for racing

3.     Awards have to be taken in person and will not be shipped


Just as how every gaming will have certain codes of conduct for achieving harmony, the Warrior Dash also has some of them jotted down. These include:

  • Waves start every 30 minutes and participants are expected 15 minutes prior to the start
  • The terrain of the event is well known to all participants, so they are solely responsible for any accidents
  • The timing is recorded by means of chip timing; the chip responds directly displays the total time for racing
  • Officials are stationed at every obstacle for emergency assistance; if the participant falls and asks for help then he or she is disqualified from the competition
  • Warriors should be physically able and not less than 14 years of age. No baby joggers, strollers, skates, or bicycles are allowed.


The apparel has a code that is mandatory for safety purposes, but clothing can be designed according to personal preference. With a long wait to face the thrill, the Denver Warrior Dash is an adventurous and fun event.

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