Denver Roller Dolls

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The Denver Roller Dolls is Colorado’s premier all-women’s roller derby league. They are tearing up the flat track this season and recently recruited 22 new baby dolls.

Technically there are five separate teams in Colorado but all of them make up the Denver Roller Dolls. The Roller Dolls are a nationally ranked non-profit organization run by volunteers dedicated to developing and promoting women’s roller derby. They work together volunteering and putting together fundraisers to strengthen the local community. Currently, they are focusing on Project Angel Heart, which prepares and delivers meals to people with life-threatening illnesses in the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas free of charge.

Denver Roller Dolls was founded in December 2005 by twenty skaters for women of all sizes, backgrounds and skill levels. Roller derby itself has its roots back when roller skates were popular in the 1880s-1920s. The term “roller derby” started about 1922 by the Chicago Tribune and races began in 1935. By the 1960s, people turned roller derby races into sport entertainment. After in-line skating took over for many years, roller-skating and roller derby sparked back up in the mid 2000s with over 500 women’s leagues in 16 countries. There are also a growing number of men’s, co-ed and junior leagues.

Using the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) for guidance, the Denver Roller Dolls came into existence comprised of wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and friends. Two teams of skaters compete to lap the other’s “jammer”. The jammer tries to get through the pack of skaters and stay in the lead while the opposing pack tries to block the lead jammer and assist their own jammer to get ahead.

Many of the Denver Roller Dolls have unique “uniforms” with a DIY attitude focused on punk and 3rd wave feminism. Each doll also skates under an alias derby name, usually created with word play, satire, mock violence, sexual puns, alliteration or pop culture references in mind. Some of their names are: Boo Boo Radley, Dharma Gedden, Fonda Payne, Honey Punches of Throats and Lickety Splitlip.

There are only two more home games this season at the First Bank Center so make sure to buy your tickets soon before you miss out.

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