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People of all ages experience the privilege to learn martial arts and the Olympic sport of judo at Denver Judo. A panel of experts in the field of martial arts transform their skills to new and experienced enthusiasts making them competent in the world of martial arts. The categorical branching of the pupils is made to increase the versatility of mentoring. Different categories under which pupils are divided are:

  • Youth judo: This is for the beginners who are between the age ranges of 5 and 12. Here the students begin with white belt and are trained for basic safety techniques, throwing, and the grappling techniques. They are eligible for the state and national tournaments and will be tested for further advancement of courses. They are taught self-confidence, respect, and coordination along with the judo techniques.
  • Beginning and intermediate senior judo: This is for all those above 13 years of age and focuses on basic principles of safety, throwing, and grappling. They are introduced to Japanese terminology and philosophy of judo as a step of preparation for the graduate program.
  • Competitive judo: This group is trained for tournaments and are taught techniques for competitions. As the class aims for higher goals, the intensity of workout is tremendous. Pupils from this group are allowed to participate in national tournaments and are tested for the next level on a quarterly basis.
  • Judo for blind and visually impaired: As the sport is just about touch, balance, and timing and does not involving kicking or punching, Denver Judo offers extensive training to vision-impaired people.


Rank requirements have to be met if the candidate prefers to reach higher levels. The first level starts with white belt and moves up from there. The ranks are allotted to the students based on certain criteria. The students have to attend a written and practical test which has to be fared well. The third is most important and involves the overall behavior of the student all through the classes. These include:

1.     Positive approach – Attitude

2.     Maturity

3.     Self-respect and respect to others

4.     Concentration and determination

5.     Showing pure acceptance to help others

6.     Being idealistic

Denver Judo has participated in a number of tournaments and experienced success in all these competitions. A few of these are the Boulder Mountain Tournament, Denver Judo Spring Tournament, Hyland Hills Throwdown, OTC Winter Classic, Brian Olson Winter Classic, and many more. Participation in tournaments is quite common. The schedule of classes is different for all levels and the judo studio is closed on Sundays and holidays. Denver Judo is located at 719 Mariposa Street. It is a world class martial arts training institute with some professional instructors like Stephen Moore, Heidi Moore Steeve Alvaro, Keith Lewis, and many more who systematically aim at producing leaders in the art.

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