Denver House of Speed

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Building character through sports is the motto of the Denver House of Speed. The main objective of the Denver House of Speed is the ability to train athletes to participate in sports with a winning attitude. They train them to develop the speed in whatever form of sport that they have chosen and try to train their mind to have a never-say-die thought. They want the athletes to persevere in their sport in all the crucial circumstances. They want the athletes to be stead fast in their approach and wanted them to persevere diligently in whatever sport they want to excel. The major characteristics that a sports personality must develop are the speed and agility. He or she must have enough strength. This strength not only refers to the physical strength and stamina. This also refers to the mental attitude and the strong mind to accept the failures and to prepare the mind to win in the next battle. The training program will be addressing all these issues and solve all the problems if athletes face these issues. They use all the different type of novel tested techniques and try to engage these athletes in these training programs.

The Denver House of Speed has Scott Patchett as the franchise owner. Scott did his engineering and later as he developed interest in sports and teaching. He started training the kids with lot of passion. He taught them to play baseball and basketball. He does a lot of cycling, scouting and other activities to keep him agile, so that he will be considered a role model by others. He has found many good trainers who train the athletes, who come to his fitness training center. All his past experiences and the interest he had over the agility and speed of sports made him to have a mission and vision to train the kids in his center. Thus he started the Denver House of Speed.

The cost of the course varies depending on the sport in which they are training and also on the number of sessions. For those who join the Denver House of Speed as newcomers, the initial session is free of cost. The 96 sessions on a program called the Hall of Fame is  $2199 at the rate of $11.45 per hour. If one just wants to attend a single session, he can do so by just paying $45. The types of training offered here are as follows – Private training, weekly training for a group, team training and speed camps. Combined training is also given.

What will the athletes be gaining in the Denver House of Speed?  They will learn some techniques to learn good coordination and they get a good balance of life, health, self, and mind. They build a strong character and personality. They will be learning some ways on how to use his or her hands and feet in a quicker way. They will learn to jump higher and faster.

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