Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Have you always dreamed about taking a hot air balloon ride, but have not done so?  Your next vacation should be to Colorado so you can experience your first hot air balloon ride viewing the scenery from the mountain location in South Park or from the Front Range location in Boulder.  The mountain location will give you spectacular one hundred mile panoramic mountain views.  The Front Range location will give you views of the Front Range Mountains, East Plains, and Foot Hill communities.

If you choose the mountain location, you will see views of the Continental Divide, Mosquito Range, and Mt. Elbert, which is the highest peak in Colorado, Pikes Peak, vast rolling hills, and Colorado native wildlife.  Your balloon ride takes place in the heart of the Central Rockies, and you are just a short drive from some of Colorado’s historical attractions.  You can go white water rafting, horse back riding, tour a ghost town, or gold mine, or just relax in the hot springs.

If you choose the Front Range, you will see Boulder, Niwot, Flat Iron, Boulder Reservoir, Sleeping Giant, and the Devil’s Thumb.  After the early morning balloon ride, you can take in such attractions and activities as the Denver Children’s museum, The Rocky Mountain National Park, and The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

To take a hot air balloon ride, you can expect to pay over two hundred dollars per person with the mountain flight being the most expensive.  The flights last approximately an hour but can be a little longer or shorter depending on the weather and mountainous environment

When you arrive for your sunrise hot air balloon ride, you have hot coffee and a snack.  After the ride, you have a traditional champagne toast and a sit down breakfast.  When you leave, you get a complimentary champagne glass and a DVD pictorial of your flight.    Hot air balloons glide along at two to ten miles an hour, and go from tree top level to several thousand feet in the air.  During the flight, you will listen to classical music as the guide tells you about the history of ballooning and the prominent scenery.

Hot air balloon rides are great for an anniversary present, birthday, honeymoons, and even marriage proposals.  Due to the size of the hot air balloons and the minimum weight requirements, they cannot offer personal two person rides but the baskets are compartmentalized.

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