Colorado Biking and Skiing Tours

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A year round recreation and fun activity provider in the Rocky Mountain region is Colorado Biking and Skiing Tours. It offers some of the most exhilarating and variant biking and skiing trips in Colorado. The activities are designed around and based on individual ability levels, age, physical condition, past experiences in the field, and personal level of enthusiasm. The professional staff of the firm will decide the level depending on individuals’ details and all that has to be done by participants is enjoy the trip! The region offers some of the most explicit Alpine terrains with splendid scenery, fresh air, and the thrill of the Rocky Mountains.

There are a number of activities categorized under each type of recreation. Bicycling enthusiasts have the Vail pass downhill, off road downhill, cross country, road tours, and jeep road tours; bike rentals are available. For passionate hikers, the choices vary from traditional hiking, peak ascents, and multi-day hiking. Rock climbing is another favorite event for tourists and locals. There is traditional rock climbing, beginner climbing, Intermediate and advanced levels, and mountaineering. Rafting and kayaking is another wonderful experience with day trips and river expeditions. Winter is laden with other snow activities to increase the fun. Snow shoeing, winter lining, and night snowshoeing are all added during the winter season in addition to the traditional activities.

The Colorado Biking and Skiing Tours are a blend of urban modernization of the region in combination with the breathtaking scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

All activities need to be participated in with proper caution. For the winter activities, proper clothing is the most important. Non cotton and sufficient winter clothing is highly recommended as the temperature changes at unanticipated rates at higher altitudes. This has to be expected while biking or skiing. Summer clothing also needs to be taken along as the temperatures can change at any moment.

Personal knowledge on physical abilities, exercise hours, stamina and athletic conditions should be communicated as a precaution. The suggested tours are highly dependent on these facts. Along with guides, first aid, snacks and beverages, lunch and dinner is also provided. There are other airport shuttle services, cell phone rentals, private coaches for transportation, two way radios, lodging, photography, video and much more to comfort the enthusiasts who love to feed their passion in skiing and biking.

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