Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures

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Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures (BABA) is a company established in 2004 by a Boulder resident, Andrea Tullefsrud. The institute provides an opportunity to all the adventurous bicyclists to take a guided bicycle trip around the scenic mountains of Boulder, Colorado. Andrea herself has been a nationally acclaimed road and mountain bicyclist for more then 20 years. Her passion and dedication for bicycling and the Boulder community led her to the conception of Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures. She is supported by an equally passionate and enthusiastic staff.

The League of American Bicyclists has recognized the town of Boulder with a platinum level award as a bicycle friendly community. Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures has more than 300 miles of paths and trails dedicated to bicyclists. On your tour you can view the Boulder mountain vistas, Boulder Creek, historic downtown Boulder, and the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall with restaurants, cafes, coffee houses and street performers and other exciting attractions. You can enjoy guided bicycle tours, self-guided tours and private bicycle tours from Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures.

BABA offers a variety of bicycles for people of all ages and sizes. The bicycles are comfortable and are suitable for any rider. They also have special bicycles for kids as well as kid’s trailers. You can also get bicycle training from a trained couch who will assist you for a safe and sound, comfortable tour. The BABA staff is well trained and first aid certified for a safe and secure outdoor trip. The owner of BABA, Andrea is not only a bicycle coach but also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Boulder Area Bicycle Adventures provides its tourists with an overwhelming and environmentally friendly experience. The BABA organizes different tours for its bicycle enthusiasts like the historic downtown tour, the brews cruise tour, Boulder brews and beans tour, Boulder off road tours, and custom tours. All the tours provide the tourist with an amazing experience of one of its kind.

Boulder is located only 30 minutes to the northwest of Denver. Boulder has been blessed with beautiful sunny days, moderate temperatures, and a scenic, beautiful mountain area which is perfect for bicycling and other outdoor activities. The town of Boulder is also famous for many other outdoor activities as well. The BABA Women on Bikes Program was initiated in 1997 and was the first of its kind to provide basic and skilled bicycle training to its participants. The participants were women primarily, but now men can also join the learning program.

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