American Paintball Coliseum

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One of the world’s safest and fastest growing games is at 4100 Grape Street in Denver. The American Paintball Coliseum is an entertainment sport to people of all ages. Going by definition, paintball is a team sport that can be played indoors or outdoors – in the woods or in an open field. You are only limited by your imagination. Two opponents start on either side; each one tries to take the other opponent’s flag and run back home, trying to keep their flag intact. During the game all the players protect themselves with guns that use compressed air to squirt out gel balls which land on the opponent smearing a color.

The attire for the game is one of the most important considerations. Generally preferred are old clothes, as the new ones are liable to be stained, though the paint is soluble. Long sleeves and full pants are the right choice as clothing that has exposed areas could cause those exposed areas to get painfully hit by a paintball. The neck has to be banded and the mask is the most important of all to protect the head. Dark clothes keep away from prominence and so they are suggested. A healthy breakfast and water are carried through the game as it demands more physical exercise than one might think.

Fields for the game are either indoors or outdoors. Each field has a different layout, but the policies of the game do not change. There can be marshy lands, streams through fields, mobile homes, built structures and many of the kind. A few rules while playing the game to keep oneself safe include:

1.     Never point marker at someone without a face mask.

2.     Do not shoot at animals.

3.     Call out immediately when a splash is received, rubbing away or trying to cheat can worsen the integrity of the game.

4.     The marker has to be shot only at the marked areas of the field; the barrel should be unloaded when not in use.

5.     Mask has to be in place all through the game. Immediate medical assistance should be called if needed.

6.     The marker should be choreographed to check for the limits during the play, it should be 255 fps indoors and 300 fps outdoors.

7.     Before playing the game the APC Waiver has to be filled and submitted, which is the form of details, safety regulations, and terms and conditions.

The field at Denver has two different layouts. One is the “Astro turf air ball field” and the other is “Scenario” field. They are filled with barricades, water tanks, and many more obstacles that keep the players on the field for hours. Another feature is the organization of birthday parties for all ages. There is supply for food, paintballs, and many more. Photographers make the day memorable through the fields. There are special student discounts and a number of events keeping the aura jubilant all through the season.

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