5 Things Colorado is Famous For

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The beautiful state of Colorado is situated in the central-western part of the United States and encompasses a large portion of the Southern section of the Rocky Mountains. With a population of almost 5 million inhabitants, Colorado has the capitol city in Denver. Colorado, the 38th state to join the Union is nicknamed the Centennial State, because it entered the federation in at a century after the Declaration of Independence. It is a state famous for its great outdoor scenery and breathtaking beauties, which are admired each year by hundreds of thousands of tourists. Visitors can enjoy various activities in Colorado, but there are a few attractions that really stand out:

The ski resorts of Colorado are world renowned for their fantastic ski conditions, beautiful scenery and great accommodation. If you are passionate about skiing, there is no better place in the U.S.A. to spend a winter holiday than the Colorado resorts such as Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge or Winter Park. Accommodation is luxurious, especially in Aspen, well known for the rich and the famous, who come here in great numbers. Despite this, a ski trip in Vail or Aspen is an affordable option even for the vacationers with smaller budgets.

The Rocky Mountains cover much of the Colorado state and exert a strong attraction on all those who love the nature. The Rockies are a place of rugged beauty, filled with wild rivers, jagged ridges and crystal clear lakes. Colorado is actually the only state in the U.S. which is entirely situated above the altitude of 1,000 meters and is also home for Mount Elbert, the highest summit in the entire Rockies chain.

The magnificent scenery of the Rockies is a perfect setting for just about any outdoor activity you can imagine. Depending on your preferences you can opt for skiing, white water rafting on the tumultuous mountain rivers or hiking through the deep woods. Other outdoor sports that you can practice are mountain biking or even rock climbing. Endless possibilities of adventure await the tourists who decide to spend their vacation wandering through the great landscapes of Colorado.

If you decide to visit the Centennial State, there is another activity in Colorado that you shouldn’t miss: visit the Four Corners Monument and straddle the territory of four states at the same time – Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. This is the only place in the U.S. where the boundaries of four states meet in a single point. Although the marking of the spot was made right after the Civil War, a monument was built in 1931, to mark the position of the intersection point of the four state. Visitors to the area can also learn more about the native American Nations, the Navaho and the Ute, whose territories also meet at this precise point.

For the tourists who look to indulge themselves with a little relaxation at a spa, Colorado offers another great attraction. The town of Glenwood Springs is well known for its natural hot springs, as well as for the largest hot springs pool in the world, which is found here. The temperature of the water reaches 104 °F, making the springs an ideal place for relaxation, even in the winter. The water of the springs is also highly beneficial for the skin, a quality owned to its high concentration of mineral salts. Other outdoor activities and sports that can be practiced by tourists in this area include rafting, skiing, golf and mountain biking.
As you can see, activities in Colorado are as interesting as they are numerous, making this scenic state a place where spending your vacation is well worth it.

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