The Healthcare System of Denver

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Denver, Colorado is the place where the majestic splendor of the great outdoors meets the dynamism of  a sprawling metropolis, to a form a place like no other in the nation. From the bustling downtown district, where imposing skyscrapers soar towards the blue skies of the Front Range, to the trails which crisscross the slopes of the nearby Rockies, the Mile High City offers something appealing to everybody.

This diversity, along with the specific “can do” attitude, makes the capital of Colorado a great place to live and build a career. There are a few things more important for the quality of life, than the access to a comprehensive, high quality healthcare system. Over the years, the residents of Denver understood the fundamental importance of the medical system and supported the development of a superior network of medical institutions.

The first medical institutions were established in Denver in 1860, during the days of the gold rush, when the Mile High City was still a fledging miner town, looking to accommodate the needs of a booming population. Denver General, the state’s most distinguished medical facility set itself on the frontline of healthcare services, being home of the first nurse school west of Mississippi and a pioneering institution in the field of tuberculosis treatment.

Today, the medical system of Denver is comprised of a network of private and public healthcare institutions, which comprehensively cover the medical needs of the residents of the entire Front Range area. Healthcare companies are among the largest employers in the state of Colorado, with HealthONE Corporation taking the top spot, with 9,340 employees, including more the 3,400 physicians. Other four healthcare companies are among the top 10 employers in the Centennial State, speaking about the development of medical care system in Colorado.

In recent years, Denver’s hospitals have consistently ranked among the best medical institutions in the entire nation. The National Jewish Health hospital, specialized in pulmonology, has been ranked first in treating respiratory disorders for 13 consecutive years. Craig Hospital is ranked as a top 10 rehabilitation facility for more than two decades, while another prestigious institution, the University of Colorado Hospital is considered to be among the nation’s best facility for specialties such as pulmonology, kidney disorders treatment and rheumatology.

Other excellent medical facilities offer superior care for the suffering from Denver and the adjacent areas. The Level 1 Trauma Center, hosted at the Denver Health medical complex was recognized by the College of American Surgeons as the best trauma center in the country, in 2008.

The University of Colorado Hospital, with is state of the art Anschutz Medical Center, is an institution of world preeminence, where some remarkable medical breakthroughs took place – the world’s first liver transplant or the first cloning a human cell. As the Rockies region leading academic medical center and as a testament for the excellence of its operation, UCH has received the greatest amount of federal research funding in the nation.

This commitment to the ensuring of accessible, superior healthcare to the residents of the Centennial State has visible effects. The rate of obesity in Colorado is the lowest in the country, and the state is consistently ranked on the top when it comes to the general health state of its inhabitants.

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