Swedish Medical Center

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The 368 bed motherly Swedish Medical Center is located in Englewood, Colorado. Founded in 1905, it was originally a tuberculosis treating center, which then expanded to level 1 trauma center. It serves neurotrauma patients and is a recognized stroke treatment facility. With the latest technology and highest quality care offered, Swedish is the proudest member the Denver Committee for over 100 years.

The Humanitarian Center has expertise in eight superior fields:

  • Swedish Cancer Center: This acute oncology treatment department has leading technologies for cancer patients. Apart from medical treatment to the individual, they offer moral support to both the patients and the family. Clinically the hospitals focuses on personal care for breast cancer, gynaecologic cancer, head and neck cancer, liver and pancreas cancer, and skin cancer treatments.
  • Emergency Services: This is for the outpatients who are rushed to the hospital for emergency purposes. The hospital is open 24 hours a day with physicians, nurses, and specialists available for lightning speed care. Emergency cases are tended without any delay, extending health care to all.
  • Heart Care: For all those with unexpected chest pain, tough breathing or a heart attack, this sector of Swedish is the right choice. The Heart Care Center at Swedish comprises a board of experienced professionals who are expert physicians and surgeons.
  • Neuroscience Center of Excellence: Being a leader in the science of neurology and treatment of strokes, treatments are extended to aneurysms and vascular diseases, ischemic stokes, spinal cord injury and seizures.
  • Orthopedic Services: The team of experts at Swedish specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, multiple traumas, intra-articular fractures, and complex acetubular injuries.
  • Spine Program: This is an extensive program for those who have had persistent back pain. There are seminars to prevent it, therapies and other care for spinal tumors, kyphoplasty, scoliosis and many more.
  • Trauma Center: Being categorized as the level 1 trauma and neurotrauma center in the Rocky Mountain Region, it works with a team of supporters, researchers, and personnel workers who extend service to the people. It is a staff with compassion for its patients their families.
  • Women’s Health Care: An acute care unit from ab experienced panel of women of all ages that offers the ordinary treatments exclusive to women. From mammography to pregnancy and hysterectomies, all are treated at Swedish Medical Center. Patients are offered a number of services like the breast care, child care, gynaecological services, pregnancy care, and many more.

With number of awards and community programs for good health of the society, Swedish Medical Center has been the house for compassion, clinical advancement, sophisticated technology and unsurpassed research efforts. It has been the four-time winner of the “National Research Cooperation Consumer Choice Award.”

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