Rose Medical Center

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Rose Medical Center cannot be termed as a small hospital, but it definitely provides personalized care. The care that is offered for an impressive range of diseases and surgeries is absolutely stunning. Rose Medical Center is unique, not only due to the number of conditions that it treats, but also for the harmonious atmosphere that is offered by those working there. Because of this, this hospital has been voted as the most sought after by nurses searching for work.

One of the specialized areas of this hospital is their new mother and baby care unit. These babies are referred  to as ’Rose Babies’ which is a perfect name, playing on the name Rose Hospital, but also for the soft petal-like skin of a baby. A pregnant woman is followed from the beginning of her pregnancy by a doctor from Rose Medical Center until the birth of her baby. A baby cannot be born at Rose Medical Center unless the mother has been followed throughout the pregnancy by a Rose Medical Center doctor.

However, this is not all. Though birthing is an interesting and fulfilling part of a nursing career, there is more. Rose Medical Center also offers cosmetic surgeries such as Botox injections or liposuction and other related procedures. This too is immensely satisfying to the surgeon because of the happiness given to the people who receive the procedures. Everyone dreams of looking younger! In most of these cases, especially in the area of the Botox injections, the patients become most familiar with the staff and doctors as the effects of the Botox treatment do not last long. Botox treatments last about three to six months, which means that most women visit as often as four times a year.

There are numerous operations carried out at Rose Medical Center as well. These include hip replacements, eye surgery and heart and kidney surgery. These of course involve extensive after care and rehabiliation exercises that is all followed up by Rose Medical Center afterward.

Rose Medical Center is also part of the brave fight going on against serious potentially fatal diseases such as cancer. This is a harder job for the doctors, as too often, they suffer right along with the patients as they lose their hair etc. It is a great triumph for everyone if the cancer can be caught in time and treated, leaving the patient to live a normal life afterwards. Every hospital is appreciated for the fight they put up against diseases, making the world a better place every day.

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