Give Back to the Children’s Hospital

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The Children’s Hospital, located at 13123 East 16th Avenue in Aurora, Colorado, is one of the best hospitals for children in the United States. Staffed by the best hearts, minds and hands in pediatrics, the hospital largely relies on the generosity of its donors.

As the hospital enters its second century of caring for children, it knocks to our hearts to make donations for it to achieve its ambitious and challenging plans for the future. Donations allow the hospital to continue providing care to many children each year. Join the hospital as it aims to provide access to the best quality care through its commitment to consistency and safety. Support its plans to take family-centered care and pediatric medicine to new levels. Also help its physician-scientists innovation, research and discovery that will bring in cures for childhood diseases of today and tomorrow.

Another way of giving back to The Children’s Hospital is by donating blood. Each year, 8,000 blood product units are transfused into injured teens, children and infants. Blood donations allow the hospital to perform various lifesaving procedures, giving children a better opportunity for a healthy life.

Blood donation needs little time and does not cost money; yet it makes a huge difference. The hospital has many devoted volunteers who donate blood regularly. However, it can still run short of blood, thus it calls for healthy people to participate in this blood donation program.

You can donate blood every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:30 am to 1:30 pm and Tuesday and Thursday from 8 am to 3 pm. There are two types of blood donations: whole blood donations for providing plasma and red cells, and apheresis platelet donation for providing white blood cells, plasma or platelets. Other services provided by the hospital are directed blood donations and autologous blood donations.

Another good way of helping The Children’s Hospital is by joining The Children’s Hospital Association of Volunteers (AoV). Be a volunteer and help provide better care for the kids at the hospital. The AoV ensures that all volunteers are given complete orientation and training, and coordinates placement for volunteers.

Give back to The Children’s Hospital through in-kind donations. The hospital tries its best to help families and patients feel comfortable and welcome. It depends on donations of various items such as books, toys, craft materials and stuff animals. In-kind donations are used in the playrooms at the hospital as well as by therapists as part of a treatment plan of a patient.

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