Denver Pain Management

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Located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Denver Pain Management (DPM) takes pride in its board-accredited interventional pain physicians who provide quality procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute pain and related symptoms of the thoracic, lumbar and cervical spine. For 15 years, DPM has set the benchmark in interventional pain management.

DPM offers comprehensive treatments including basic selective epidural steroid injections, facet care and modern interventional procedures like radiofrequency nerve ablation, spinal cord stimulation and minimally invasive disc decompression. It also offers image-guided injections for treating peripheral neuropathies, complex regional pain syndrome and degenerative joint disease. It has on site access to neurological diagnosis and acupuncture to provide comprehensive treatment when needed.

Denver Pain Management offers a complete range of treatments for chronic pain management such as therapeutic and diagnostic spinal injections. It offers advanced pain therapies, including spinal stimulation, injections, radiofrequency nerve ablation, joint vitality and percutaneous discectomy.

Offering a comprehensive range of treatments for chronic pain management, DPM focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with progressive or difficult spinal pain, and work closely with patients to attain maximum pain relief. It can provide patients with individual programs of integrated pain management therapy, drawing on its expertise and the array of available treatments.

DPM patients are usually referred by physicians who have the knowledge about the advantages of Interventional Pain Management. Its referring physicians represent a wide range of medical specialties including Internal Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Family Practice, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians.

Most insurance plans cover DMS’ diagnosis and treatment services, and patients can also appeal to their insurer to cover their treatment. A finance plan is also available for patients.

DPM performs diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on an outpatient basis, meaning patients usually stay in the facility for less than four hours. A complete diagnostic and treatment plan may need several visits, which may be scheduled on consecutive days. Patients may or may not need transportation following the visits and usually return to work the next day. Fasting after midnight is usually necessary.

Physicians at DPM are respected leaders in the industry. Its doctors often lead lectures and presentations on innovative technology in pain management. Their publications and presentations are examples of their involvement and leadership in pain management education. Some of their works are “Radiofrequency Neurotomy for Sacroiliac Joint Pain Using the Baylis Sinergy Probe; A Prospective Clinical Outcome Study with Six-Month Follow-Up” and “In Vivo Temperature Measurement During Neurotomy for Sacroiliac Joint Pain Using the Baylis Sinergy Probe,” which were presented at the International Spinal Injection Society 15th annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland in July 2007.

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