Bill Daniels Center for Childrens Hearing

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The Bill Daniels Center for Children’s Hearing was established in 2005 with the goal of helping children with hearing loss and speech issues grow into healthy individuals.  The center is named after cable television pioneer Bill Daniels who developed a strong interest in helping other with hearing loss after he experience profound hearing loss in his later years.  Mr. Daniels hearing loss was traced back to his years as a fighter pilot in WWII.  In order to make services at the center accessible to as many people as possible, satellite locations exist in many parts of Denver as well as a main office at The Children’s Hospital Main campus.

The center specializes in treating infants, toddlers, children and adolescents with conditions including deafness and hearing problems and speech problems.  Parents can get comprehensive care for their child or children at the center as they employ many different types of pediatric specialists including audiologists, speech-language pathologists, ear nose and throat specialists or otolaryngology specialists, and geneticists.  The center also employs social workers who can help families deal with other issues that they may be facing.

A resource library for parents located at the main office at The Children’s Hospital has information on parenting, diseases, and child development. The Family Resource Library is free of charge and librarians are available to assist you in researching a specific condition or disease.  An information packet is available so that parents can request specific types of information about any item they choose.  After delivering the request to the library, it will be researched by the staff who will call the parent when the search is finished.  Information can be picked up in the library or delivered to a hospital room if a child is hospitalized.

Parents or children who are looking for more information might also want to check out the online resource center.  This area provides helpful and age appropriate information on health topics for children and adolescents including information on hearing impairments dyslexia, stuttering and other speech conditions. Parents can also check out information about educational issues as well as information on obtaining educational services for their children from the local school district.

In addition, other services are available online which will be of help to busy parents.  For example, parents can make an appointment for their child at the center online, find different specialists online, or even check out a map to see the locations of satellite centers.

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