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This nation’s number one killer is cardiovascular disease. A staggering 26% of the deaths in the Denver area are from cardiovascular disease. The American Heart Association (AHA) has been working since 1924 to keep your loved ones, community, and you safe from the effects of cardiovascular disease and stroke. This is done through research, support, and the Colorado Advocacy efforts.

The American Heart Association teaches CPR to people in the community. They also teach first aid and the healthcare providers in your community. Last year 5,000 people were taught CPR in the Denver area alone.

AHA offers events in the Denver community to bring awareness to the key issues and to raise support for heart disease and stroke research. Let’s check out some of the events that are put on by the Denver Heart Association:

The Denver Go Red for Woman is an event that offers a luncheon. It also offers resources, tools and inspiration you need to love your heart. It is easy to join and it’s free. This event offers a free Go Red Heart check-up. It is simple to take and will let you know what your risks are for heart disease and stroke. After the results, they will give you a customized guide to help in reaching your fitness and nutrition goals to live heart smart.

Saving Lives in Denver is a CPR training course. Classes are offered here in the Denver area. In the US, only 5% of people who suffer cardiac arrest in a public setting survive because not every passerby knows how to do CPR. Training is held on the hour every hour from 9am to 4pm.

The American Heart Association is the number one leader in heart research. AHA is now funding over 2,000 researchers and scientists. Some of the awardees have been given the Nobel Prize for their research. AHA has specific science areas that they think is very important and together with corporate support and partnerships with other foundations they can continue to do research. Continued research is important in our country’s effort to wipe out heart disease and strokes.

Walks for the AHA are a great way to get into shape and to start living healthier. You can go online and make walking paths that are suited to your stamina level. Walking is a heart smart activity that people of all ages who are in generally good health can do.

There are many more events in Denver that are sponsored or organized by the Denver AHA. They have a website that has a list of all the events they are offering. Remember that heart disease is the number one killer in the US.


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