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These days there are plenty of dieting books and trendy fads in Colorado on how to lose weight.  Many are get rich quick types and some starve yourself types but from Atkins to Slim Fast, there probably isn’t anything better than the old fashion tried and true method of exercising and eating right.

Denver is ranked number nine for Healthiest Cities in America according to  People in Denver have one of the best-ranked Body Mass Index scores in America with a high level of physical activity.  However, Denver has a high rate of diabetes and hypertension, or high blood pressure.

It’s not hard to be encouraged to exercise in Denver when most of the city is fairly fit and the mountains are not that far away.  However, there are those who carry some extra baggage who have not yet discovered the most natural way to lose weight.

Think back to 1925 when many people did not have easy access to processed foods or “junk food.”  In fact, 1925 is the year when frozen foods first really took hold by inventor Clarence Birdseye.  Many people had to grow their own foods or walk down to the grocery store to buy fresh foods instead of jump in their car to drive down the block and buy an entire cart full of boxed and canned foods.

The onset of technology and convenience foods has encouraged Americans in Colorado to exercise less and sit around more.

The old saying, “exercise and eat right,” seems to have disappeared from society.  It is either exercise like a maniac or eat right but do not exercise.  There is a happy medium that will effectively help people to lose weight, depending on their body types, but moderate activity such as daily walks or jogging for twenty minutes a day will help people in Denver lose weight.

Eating healthy means balancing the amount of meat and vegetables on your plate as well as eating healthy grains and fruit.  Many people do not make meals from scratch anymore but rather just stick a frozen dinner into the microwave and expect to receive the required amount of daily nutrients from their processed foods.

One in four babies born in 2000 will develop diabetes.  Gluten intolerance is a growing epidemic among Coloradans.  What you eat now will greatly affect your body in the future.

Another popular option is to drive to a nearby Denver restaurant and order the unhealthiest thing on the menu.  If you must eat this way, then you must remember that the human body is programmed to crave sweets and fats for when life was hard and we worked outside 10-15 hours per day.  That is all good and well but not when most people in Colorado work sitting down for eight hours a day.  Balance that out with exercise.

Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense level of physical activity most days of the week.  Get the family to Denver City Park and take the dog with you.  Then come home and make a home cooked meal that the entire family sits down together to eat.

It is also important to not skip out on any meals.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to charge you up.  Lunch does not need to consist solely of a salad.  Your common sense should tell you whether or not something is healthy.  Dinner is perfect for Denver family time as well as a post dinner stroll through the neighborhood.  For those who do not have children, studies show that women are happier in their relationships when they take walks with their significant other.

Lastly, make sure you get enough sleep because lack of sleep stresses out the body and can result in weight gain.

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