This is a Clue

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This is a Clue is a Colorado based company that provides challenging strategy games where you take advantage of your physical and mental abilities. The games are challenging, yet interesting and fun. It is sure to be a great time passer for you. The games can be played by anyone, anywhere. There are different games that you can play, depending on your interest. The games are kind of a human puzzle where you have to solve it on your own and with the support of other participants. The individual capacity of quick thinking and planning matters in these games a lot. The human puzzle games are unique and serve as an intriguing experience for the participants. The games will change the way you think towards solving problems and tasks.

To get an idea, imagine few people trapped in rooms at different locations, with blind folds, and they have to look for a way out. In order to escape they need to use the tools with which they are provided.

The most interesting game is called the Labyrinth. 50 participants take part in the puzzle game that is a huge puzzle of about 564 pieces. You have to solve the puzzle and open the chest to the lost civilization. You will be given 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the puzzle game. The puzzle requires team-based collaborative challenges and unfolds many hidden stories within the puzzle. The Labyrinth puzzle will augment your problem solving capacity, collaboration as a team, and communication skills. The puzzle can be enjoyed anywhere, during the break sessions of meetings or elsewhere.

Another challenging game is the Hoarding, in which you have to find a lost key after going through different challenges. The game requires 15 to 40 participants, with a 2 hour puzzle game. You will have 10 locked boxes with strange symbols on them. Team-based collaboration is required to unfold the puzzle with tangible thinking. The puzzle will develop your communication and focus skills, along with problem solving and imaginative thinking skills. The puzzle game will relieve your work stresses and is great to play during office breaks or after work with coworkers. It will also enhance your mutual communication skills.

The Power Puzzle is the most diverse and exciting puzzle game you will ever come across. You will have to travel across the national mall in Washington DC in order to unfold the puzzle. The game allows up to 5000 participants and it takes almost 4 hours to get completed. The clues are hidden in all museums, memorials and monuments. The puzzle enhances your teamwork effort and leadership skills. Tourists can have a great time by engaging themselves in this puzzle game.

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