Trendy Fro-Yo Pinkberry Hits Colorado

admin June 28, 2010 0

Colorado finally has her own Pinkberry in Glendale, CO. Shelly Hwang and Young Lee in Hollywood, CA founded Pinkberry in 2005. MTV’s “The Hills” made Pinkberry a nationwide hit by being a favorite hangout of the cast for their yummy frozen yogurt. Ellen DeGeneres and many other celebrities are also known to praise Pinkberry often.

The next Colorado Pinkberry is set to open in Denver later this summer. Many Pinkberry fans in Colorado have been expressing such excitement and delight in the customizable “fro-yo”, which includes toppings such as organic gummy bears, Fruity Pebbles, pomegranate juice and much more.

The yogurt itself is swirled within six flavors and toppings are a buck a scoop. Colorado Pinkberry groupies can choose between original, passion fruit, mango, coconut, chocolate and pomegranate to mix into their yogurt.

Pinkberry is planning on opening twenty more locations in Colorado over the next three to five years.

Don’t be surprised when you visit a Colorado Pinkberry that there is a ridiculously long line full of cult followers anxiously awaiting its tangy and yummy fro-yo. Pinkberry Groupies are encouraged.

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