The Best Places to Get Asian Food in Denver and Boulder

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Do you love Asian food such as Japanese, Chinese, or Indian?  If so, there are several great restaurants to try while on vacation in Denver.  One of the best Chinese restaurants is the Star Kitchen restaurant.  They offer lunch specials, a banquet menu, a hot pot menu, and a regular menu.  Some of the items you will find on their regular menu are Peking Duck, Cold Marinated Chicken Feet and Jelly Fish, and Abalone with Sea Cucumber.  Their lunch menu is either $5.95 or $6.95 and you get an entrée, choice of two soups, a spring roll, and steamed or fried rice.  Some of the Hot Pot menu includes a dish of Goose Intestine, Eel in season, a beef, fish, or squid ball, or a bowl of flavor based soup.

A favorite Japanese restaurant is called the Sushi Den.  Of course, you can get sushi but they have a lot more on their menu.  You can get different types of salads like Calamari and Spinach salad, a Sushi Den salad, or a House Salad.  From the grill, you can get a whole fish, Yuzu Salmon, and Teriyaki Chicken and several different Sushi platters.  They also have a wine list, and this restaurant offers lunch entrees, and soup, salad, and appetizers.  They even have a Sushi happy hour.  Here you can get exotic Japanese fish such as Baby Octopus, Needlefish, and Amberjack.  This is an expensive restaurant and is suited for business lunches, celebrations, and receptions.  It is not geared as a family restaurant although you can bring children to the restaurant.

A favorite Indian restaurant that you might want to visit while in Boulder is The Taj.  It has received the “Best of Boulder” every year since it opened in 1996.  The restaurant is a full, cozy, and happy place to be.  This restaurant has one menu that it uses for all the meals and it has a very extensive wine list.  If you do not care for wine, they also offer mixed drinks.  You can get Chicken Pakora, Chicken or Vegetable soup, different types of bread, lamb, poultry, and seafood.  They even offer a vegetarian section plus they offer a choice of two desserts.  These desserts are Kesari Kheer, an Indian rice pudding with almonds, raisins, and saffon, and Ras Malahi, a Paneer cheese dumpling in a pistachio cream sauce.

When you are in Denver or Boulder and want some great Asian food, check out these restaurants.

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