Super Bowl Sunday Snacks for Denver

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The Super Bowl is pretty much a holiday for many people in Colorado. It is a great time to gather up your friends from around the Denver area over to your place for a football celebration and lots of snacks. Of course, the typical snacks include nachos, chips, dip, maybe some sandwiches, pretzels and beer.

However, there are healthier options and more creative options available. Just head down to your local Denver grocery store to pick up these ingredients before the big day. They are easy to assemble too.

Get a bunch of your favorite veggies to cut up and dip in ranch or another salad dressing. You can also opt for the pricier version by buying premade veggie trays.

Fruit salads are a fun and healthy balance to the junk food that usually are at Super Bowl parties in Denver.

Veggie quesadillas amp up the deliciousness of normal quesadillas just by adding some bell peppers and onions.

A taco salad adds more to the normal nachos or chips and dip. Just pick up some romaine lettuce and shred it up with olives, onion, tomato and ground beef.

Add a bowl of nuts to the options for snacks because they are filled with nutrients and can satisfy that crunch that other healthy snacks may not offer. Some wheat cereals such as Chex Mix combined with chocolates are also a good choice. Popcorn isn’t as strong of a crunch but still is a good option.

Opt for a spinach and artichoke dip or just a creamy spinach dip for chips. You can also choose a bean dip and guacamole instead of queso. Make it tastier by adding sour cream (or plain yogurt for a healthier option), lettuce, tomatoes and olives.

A different option for chips and dip would be pita wedges and hummus.

Diet soda is supposedly healthier than regular but it is just a bunch of chemicals instead of natural sugars. If the idea of regular soda irks you, then you can also choose carbonated juices such as Izze or healthier choices such as Vitamin Water, which are available at most Denver grocery stores.

Whatever you choose to eat and supply for your Super Bowl party in Denver, there are always healthier and tastier choices. Getting outside for some exercise, like re-enacting a play is also not bad either.

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