Redstone Meadery

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Stop at the Redstone Meadery to try a free sample of the award winning meads produced here.  While visiting, you might want to take a free tour of the facility, which is one of the countries largest, too.  Tours are given Monday through Friday at 1pm and 3 pm.  Mead tasting sessions are conducted Monday through Friday from 12pm to 6:30 pm and Saturday at 12:30 pm. No tour reservations are needed for groups under 10 people. Groups over 10 should call the meadery at 720-406-1215.  You must be 21 years or older in order to taste the mead.

You may be wondering what mead is at this point.  Mead, also known as honey wine, is fermented honey. It is also one of the earliest fermented beverages probably invented by humans. According to legend, mead was enjoyed by Zeus, Beowulf and Shakespeare.  Why not try some for yourself?

The Redstone Meadery offers different types of products for mead drinkers.  Their Redstone Reserve Mead is a highly sought after and rare type of mead.  Only one batch is produced per year and it often increases in value as the years pass.  Bottles of Redstone Reserve Mead currently cost about $45-$50 per bottle and come in Black Raspberry, Apple, Boysenberry, and Red Raspberry.  Redstone Meadery also offers traditional honey wine in different flavors for $21.00 per bottle as well as Nectar Mead for $14 per bottle.  Nectar Mead is the most popular type of beverage sold at the facility.

For those who live out of state or who wish to ship the mead to relatives out of state, you can order online.  In some states, it is illegal to ship alcoholic beverages.  Check to make sure that it is legal before sending a bottle or two!  You can also check out the list to see where you can purchase Redstone Mead in your state here  Again, all states are not listed due to current laws.  Because of these restrictive laws, Redstone Mead supports the “free the grapes” campaign.  You can join the campaign by going  to

The Meadery also has a Mead Festival to celebrate the joys of drinking mead.  Although no information is currently available on the upcoming festival, you can check the website at for more information.

If you happen to be in the area November through April, you might want to stop by for the free concerts each Saturday from 2pm to 5pm.  There is no cover charge for these events.

For more information on mead or Redstone Meadery, go to their website at


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