Ku Cha House of Tea

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Situated in Boulder, Colorado, Ku Cha House of Tea is the ideal place to find the best teas around the world. It offers a wide range of teas to suit different people’s needs and wants.

Previously called The Leaf, Ku Cha House of Tea was formed in 2005. But the history of tea can be dated back to the past 5,000 years. Tea was first cultivated by Chinese, who drank it mainly for medicinal purposes. Since then, various cultures from around the world have adopted the tea. Currently, more than 50 countries worldwide produce teas, including the United States, where it has gained popularity due to its nutritional value.

No matter what type of tea you want, Ku Cha House of Tea has something that will best suit you. Black tea has a full bodied color; green tea has a light, fresh taste; while oolong tea is a mixture of both black and green tea flavors. You will definitely enjoy the delightful flavor of teas at Ku Cha House of Tea, as well as appreciate its color.

Choose a kind of tea that best suits the weather or your mood. Iced tea is ideal on a hot summer afternoon; a warm green tea is best on a spring morning; a flavored herbal tea is just right on a fall night; and a hot black tea is great on a cold winter morning. Whatever your interest is, you can explore that at the Ku Cha House of Tea.

Other type of teas offered by Ku Cha House of Tea are yellow tea, white tea, dark tea, decaf tea, yerba mate, puerh, chai, and rooibos. It also offers a range of teaware, which helps in having an excellent tea drinking experience. This includes tea pots and sets, mugs and cups, tea kettles, tea canister, gong fu tray, tea tools, tea pet, snacks and sweetners, and infuser and strainer.

This June 2011, Ku Cha House of Tea will feature a class on Japanese green teas. While the tea culture started in China, Japan produces tea with a very different culture and taste. You will learn the differences of teas and how to brew each kind of teas. The classes are limited to only six persons.

Ku Cha House of Tea has also offered tea classes featuring Chinese dark teas such as An Cha and Fu Lin Cha. These interactive and hands-on classes teach about health benefits and different production methods. Participants get the opportunity to learn how to brew the cup gong fu style perfectly.

Ku Cha House of Tea is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm, and 11 am to 6 pm during Sunday.

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