How to Make a Denver Omelet (and a Bit of History Behind the Delicious Fare)

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A Denver Omelet is a delicious piece of Denver that is known all over the world. After all, who doesn’t love a good omelet?

An even more pressing question might be this: How did the Denver Omelet come to be and what the heck is it made of (besides eggs of course?)

The supposed story goes like this:

A diner in the Rockies called the Denver Café (not located in Denver) was closing after a busy lunch hour one day. As the staff had everything cleaned up and were ready to head out the door to go home, a group of hungry skiers approached the restaurant and desperately knocked on the windows. The chef felt bad for them and wanted to feed them, but he was nearly out of food due to the lunch rush. All he had left in the kitchen was eggs, peppers, ham, and cheese, but he didn’t let this stop him from helping out the hungry group of skiers. He combined all the available ingredients to make what is now known as the Denver Omelet. You know the rest.

OK, so maybe that story isn’t true. It was made up by Nick at But you have to admit, it is a good story. The truth is, no one really knows how the Denver Omelet came about.

Some people say the Denver Omelet derived from a related recipe, the Western sandwich, and is thought to originate from frontier cowboys who had eggs, cured ham, and vegetables readily available.

Nowadays, the Denver Omelet appears on restaurant menus across the country as well as in cookbooks and on cooking shows. The Denver Omelet (Omelette) is mentioned over 108,000 times on the Web and is a favorite recipe for weekend family breakfasts.

In 1996, famed journalist Herb Caen made this reference to the Denver Omelet while visiting Denver to accept the Damon Runyon Award: “Denver Boots and omelets: Is that all this city is famous for? We’ve got the Denver Boot in San Francisco. We thought we were supposed to eat it. In fact, the Denver Boot and the Denver omelet taste quite a bit alike.” Really? We hope not.

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