Gingerbread Tea

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If you do not have any creative genes in your body, then building a gingerbread house is best left to the experts.  At the annual Gingerbread Tea, held in Boulder St. Julien Hotel and Spa, the confectioners at Jill’s restaurant craft personalized gingerbread houses for guests to take home.  Large numbers of people come to this event every year, so as to enjoy the sweet filled weekend as a once in a lifetime opportunity. The personalized gingerbread houses cost $30 each.  The profits go to benefit Boulder’s I have a Dream Foundation.

During the restaurant’s holiday tea, guests can pick up their gingerbread houses.  When you attend the Gingerbread Tea, you get homemade scones, petits four, and tea sandwiches.  While you are enjoying your tea, you can listen to live piano music.  They also offer a kid’s do-it-yourself gingerbread cookie decorating station.  Every child will get a chef’s apron, and gift bag. Your child will feel the real joy of becoming a chef for a day.

It is an event for the whole family to enjoy.  They have two tea-services seating, although reservations are required.  They hold the Gingerbread Teas the last weekend in November and the first three weekends in December.  The cost for the Gingerbread Tea is $26.95 for adults and $14.95 for children, which is well worth all the fun that it brings.

What people expect from Gingerbread Tea, after just hearing the name of the event, is unorthodox fun and enjoyment, which could make their weekend worth spending. This is what is offered to them, in terms of lobby bars, and live music at night, spas and a mega pool. All you can get under one roof, which you can access without any burdensome commuting problems since it is held in the middle of Boulder.

The gourmet food, the high quality live performances, and the calm environment are ideal for those who just want to munch down some treats while reading a book. This holiday event is highly unique and highly recommended for the entire family! Join the fun and festivities!

For those who need a place to stay for the weekend in Boulder, the Boulders St. Julien Hotel and Spa would be the top choice, with one of the finest accommodation facilities for tourists. The beds are comfortable and the room service is exquisite.

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