Denver’s Top Five Ice Cream Shops

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There are many restaurants and ice cream shops in Denver and after checking them out, these are the top five on the list.  When in Denver, make sure to check them out and decide for yourself if they deserve to be on this top five list.

  • Bonnie Brae Ice Cream-This ice cream shop has in Denver for more than 20 years.  The owner, Bonnie Brae, makes her own ice cream flavors on the premises from scratch.  They have delicious milk shakes, sundaes, banana splits, and of course, ice cream cones.  They do not serve just chocolate and vanilla.  They also have flavors such as Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Monkey Fingers and their famous Cappuccino Crunch and Amaretto Peach.  They also make ice cream cakes for that special occasion.
  • Liks Ice Cream-This ice cream shop is Capital Hill’s favorite summertime spot.   When you stop by, you will be treated to some delicious homemade Apple Cobbler or holiday favorite, Pumpkin Pie.  They have conjured up over 300 flavors since 1976.
  • Enstrom Candies-Yes, this is a candy shop but they have ice cream on their dessert menu.  It is here in the number three spot because of the generous scoops and the delicious Strawberry Chocolate Chip.  This store is mainly famous for its almond toffee and has been in business since 1960.
  • Gelato d’Italia-Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream.  It has a softer texture, 50% less fat, and 50% less air, which means more flavor than American ice cream.     The gelato is made in small batches every day on the premises.  They have the traditional American flavors with Italian favorites like baccissimo (chocolate and hazelnut).  Many of the ingredients used are imported from Italy.  For those that cannot eat ice cream, they offer sorbettos.  They are dairy and fat free and made from 100% fruit purees.  Some of those flavors are Mango, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple.
  • Cold Stone Creamery-The parent company is in Arizona.  This franchise offers such treats as “make your own” ice cream delight.  You get to choose your own ice cream flavor, and toppings.  The toppings are then folded into the ice cream by hand.  One such favorite is banana ice cream with Oreo cookies.  They also have a birthday club you can join to get a free ice cream on your birthday.  They opened their first store in 1988.

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