Denver Restaurants – Namikos Is One Of Denver’s Best Kept Sushi Secrets

admin January 27, 2010 0
Bruce D Hunter asked:

The world of authentic Japanese eating can seem shrouded in mystery. Between the omakase mystery fish and your fear of accidentally eating blowfish, you too often resort to tuna maki. Not at Namiko’s, you won’t. The cuisine, style, impeccable service, and newly redesigned space at Denver’s most popular sushi spot will reel you in.

Upon entering, you can’t help but notice the sleek bar anchored with a striking salt water fish tank and Denver urbanites nursing their favorite cocktail. Vibrant rich aquamarine colored walls and contrasting breezy images of sea life masterfully placed through out, secure, embrace, and guide you into the main dining area. Friendly sushi chefs chat to patrons who sip sake flights at the sushi bar and blend with the sounds of the smooth jazz in the background. World class service is the standard – without exception.

Sit at the sushi bar and order sushi and Japanese cuisine just the way you like it. Sure they’ve got the basics (tuna, yellowtail, and shrimp) but they also excel in twists on the traditional like firecracker shrimp or the Blazing Pearl Scallops. Try the kitchen’s feather-light veggie tempura gently fried in soy bean salad oil. It is “golden white” in color – a sign of freshness.

And don’t be shy when it comes to the rolls. My personal favorite is the caterpillar roll, which contains fresh chunks of avocado and eel that melt in your mouth like butta. Ask for super-fresh sashimi like tuna, salmon and yellow tail. Down them all, then wonder how they manage to taste so straight-from-the-sea.

Now that is our kind of mystery.


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