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Denver Gourmet Tours offers foodies different tours of local gourmet food establishments.  The guided walking tours are about 3 hours long and include 4 to 6 stops. This is a great way to enjoy food while walking off the calories!

If you’ve been eager to try the fares of the many gourmet food trucks traveling the streets of Denver, you are in luck.  This tour will take you to the top traveling eateries in the area.  You will be amazed at how well you can eat standing up!  Tour stops may include Brava Pizza, Gastrocart, The Cupcake Truck, Steuben’s Truck, The Porker Cart, Biker Jim, Sweet Revenge Cupcakes, Deluxe Street Food, Pinche Tacos, and El Caribe Arepas.

During the walking tour, you’ll also learn about interesting facts about the traveling eatery scene including which eatery truck is solar powered, which eatery uses a pizza oven made in Italy, and how groups keep street food eateries safe for everyone.

Tickets to this tour are $49 and can be ordered here:

If you enjoy good food and great wine, you will love the Gourmet Food Tour.  During this tour, you will experience Denver’s best local treats.

In addition, you will learn about beer brewing, create your own olive oil and vinegar dressings, taste new ice cream flavors, enjoy Italian pizza made over a wood-fired oven, and more.

Tickets to the tour are $49 and can be ordered here:

During the Sweet Taste of Denver Tour, participants will experience some of Denver’s sweetest eateries as well as meeting the artists who create the sweet treats.  During the tour, you’ll sample gelato, learn to use spices, experience a tea complete with treats like scones, try the best cupcakes and cookies in town, and learn how to pair wine and chocolate desserts.  During the tour, you will taste great desserts seen on the Food Network. 

This tour is $49 and tickets can be purchased here:

Progressive Gourmet Dinners

Every so often, Denver Gourmet Tours hosts a gourmet progressive dinner experience.  The last such tour was on May 7th from 5:30 to 8:30. Tickets were $59.  During this tour, guests experience the restaurants in the Tennyson section in Northwest Denver.

During the Tasting Tennyson Tour, guests will visit 3 highly regarded restaurants.  Enjoy appetizers at one restaurant, entrees at another, and finish up the tour with dessert at the third restaurant. Guests will also enjoy the special attention from chefs and restaurant owners.  Tasting Tennyson Tours cost $59.  Check the website frequently for information on future tours at

In addition to tours, Denver Gourmet Tours also offers culinary classes.  Participants can learn about vegetarianism,  baking bread, creating delicious chocolate truffles, baking cupcakes, making pizza.

Learn to make handmade truffles this summer during classes on June 13th and June 25th.  Register online here  On June 20th and June 26th, participants can learn how to make delicious cupcakes.  Register here  June 6th and July 26th, culinary class participants can learn about vegetarianism as well as how to cook using less meat.  Register here for these classes

For more information on classes or tours, go to the website at or call 720-977-5901.

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