Denver Coffee Houses

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With all the outdoor activities in Denver such as skiing, snow boarding, and the University of Denver with its extensive student body, Denver has many coffee houses to choose from.  It is very easy to stop in and grab breakfast on the run, or serve as a common spot for first dates. For business people, Denver coffee shops provide an “office away from the office”  to get some work done. In this article, we are going to cover five of the popular coffee houses in Denver.

1.    Common Grounds Downtown – This coffee house has retained the feel of Old Denver in its décor with bookshelves along the wall, hanging from the ceiling are old looking lights, wood floors, and numerous windows.  Although this coffee shop has retained Old Denver décor, it has also created a bright, energetic, and airy atmosphere.  On Saturday morning, you can hear everything from jazz to opera playing.  It is a great place to sit, relax, and get some work done.  They do provide WI-FI service.  To enjoy with your coffee you can choose pastries, cakes, pies, Liks ice cream, and a variety of teas if you do not drink coffee.  This coffee house also offers a variety of coffee beans to brew at home.
2.    Common Grounds @ Highlands – This coffee house is definitely a neighborhood hot spot.  You will find everyone from a crying baby in a stroller, to a student studying and using the WI-FI service, and everyone in between.  This atmosphere is comfortable.  There is a great selection of books on the shelf-lined walls and plenty of seating so you can people watch and drink your coffee.
3.    The Market – This is more than a coffee house with a deli, catering services, and a restaurant.  It is somewhat of a landmark downtown and is Denver’s first espresso bar.  From the outside, The Market looks small but when you get inside you see that it is not.  The Deli goes far back with a dozen tables around the food service area.  They also offer WI-FI service to anyone with a laptop.
4.    Illegal Grounds – It is located in an old brick home with the coffee shop on the first floor and law offices upstairs.  The coffee shop offers plenty of seating with a meeting space available.  They offer sandwiches, snacks and of course WI-FI service.  They also have patio seating.
5.    Bump and Grind – The servers in this coffee house are drag queens.  This coffee house is famous for its Petticoat Bruncheon.  Not only is this coffee house for students but also is frequented by couples, old and young.

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