Denver Beer and Microbreweries

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Colorado is famous for the Coors brewery in Golden, CO but what most people don’t realize is that Colorado has more breweries per capita than any other state in the nation.

Until the 1970s, most beer was very carbonated and light in body. Some people set out to develop a better beer and more flavors and thus the birth of microbreweries.

The first microbrewery established was Boulder Beer Company in 1979. Today, there are about 100 breweries in the state of Colorado alone.

Colorado is the epicenter of American craft brewing and home to the top-50 brewing companies in the nation. The most famous of these are Coors Brewery and Anheuser Busch.

In today’s age of eco-friendly movements, New Belgium Brewery was the first wind-powered brewery and still the largest of its kind.

The Coors Brewery ranks in Denver tourism suggestions because many people enjoy the free factory tour, which comes with beer sampling at the end. Many other microbreweries in Boulder and Denver offer free tours as well.

To visit a brewery near you, visit Colorado Brewers Guild.

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