Dazbog Coffee: Russian Inspired, Denver Roasted

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Two immigrants, Anatoly and Leonid Yuffa, immigrants of the former Soviet Union, made their American Dream become a reality with the legacy of Dazbog Coffee.   These two immigrants wanted to bring the richness of their Russian traditions and heritage to their quest for roasting only the finest quality Arabica beans from around the world, which would make a rich-tasting cup of coffee.  As a result of this quest, Dazbog Coffee was born.


The intriguing and unique names of Dazbog coffees are inspired from the combination of the character and history of their homeland.  Two such coffees are The White Night’s Espresso, which is named for summer days in Leningrad where the sun never sits, and The Hermitage House Blend, named after The Hermitage that was once the homes to the czars and is now a renowned museum.


They now have an online store that sells their unique blends of coffee.  You can  buy varieties of Special Blends, Organic Blends, Decaf, Dark Roasts, Coffees of the World, and Flavored.  They also have black and green gourmet tea blends.  You can find teas such as Russian Caravan Fruity Black Tea, Organic Gunpowder Green Tea, or Tropical Pineapple Green Tea, to name a few.    The online shop even has chocolate covered espresso beans.    If you are looking for that unique gift, but are not sure which flavor to purchase, they even offer gift certificates.


For less than twenty-two dollars a month, you can join the Home Delivery Club, Regular or Organic, and you will receive 2-12 ounce bags of your choice of regular or decaffeinated coffee with each month being a different flavor.  You will also get a choice of what type of bean that you want according to the grinder you have.  For example, in June you would get Kenya, and November it would be New Guinea coffee for the regular coffee club.  For the Organic club, which is more expensive than the regular coffee club, you would get for November Organic Papua New Guinea, and May would be Organic Mocha Java.


In addition to their online store, they have many brick and mortar stores around the Denver area where you can enjoy your delicious cup of Dazbog coffee.  Most of the coffee shops also offer free Wi-Fi for businesspeople and students.  In Denver you will find several downtown stores, Capitol Hill, and the Denver International Airport.  Most of their shops are located in Colorado but there are some in Texas, Wyoming, California, and Maryland. Dazbog’s home base is in Denver.


If you are in the Denver area, be sure to check out one of the Dazbog coffee shops and experience one of the many different types of coffees offered.  With so many blends, you will find yourself going back many times to drink your favorite Dazbog Coffee blend.






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