Coors Tours in Golden, Colorado

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The Coors Brewery Tour at the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado is an informative and interesting (and not to mention free!) way to learn how the legendary Coors beer is crafted. Beer making is a combination of an art and science and Coors has the process down perfectly. This famous Rocky Mountain brew has fans from around the world and thousands of people visit the Golden, Colorado brewery to see Coors-making in action.

Each year, Coors produces over 24 million barrels of beer. It has become a worldwide favorite, but Coloradoans are especially loyal to their local brew. From sports fans to businesspeople, Coors has a loyal fan base from all walks of life.

The tour is fun for people of all ages, but those who plan to sample the beer after the completion of the tour must be 21 or over and present a valid ID. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to participate in the tour. The actual self-guided walking tour portion lasts about 40 minutes depending on your pace, but it is wise to plan about 90 minutes if you would like to ask questions and sample the beer afterward. Generous free samples are offered at the end for patrons 21 and over. There is also a gift shop on the premises if you choose to purchase Coors attire and other Coors branded items.

Hours for the Coors Brewery Tour are 10am-4pm Thursday through Monday and 12pm-4pm on Sundays. Coors is located at the intersection of 12th Street and Ford Street in Golden, Colorado. You can call the Coors Brewery at (303) 277-2337 for more information on the tours.

If you love Coors beer, definitely take a tour of the Coors facility to see where your favorite beer comes from, start to finish. You will have a new appreciation for the craft of beer making. Coors is a beer with a long history dating back to the gold rush days in Colorado and this delicious brew is constantly history in the making since 1873. Adolph Coors and his discovery of clean, Rocky Mountain water are what make Coors an unparalleled beer that can’t be beat, even to this day.

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