Colorado and Beer

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The residents of the Centennial State are well known for their love of beer. In fact, Colorado is the largest producer of beer in the country, with more than 115 breweries, which churn out more beer per capita than any other place in the country. The largest single-site brewery in the world is also placed in Colorado, in Golden, a suburb of Denver, where Coors operates its production facility, which can produce more than 22 million barrels of ales and lagers.

The passion for beer of the residents of Denver is as old as the city itself. Legend says that the first permanent structure erected in town was a saloon, where miners and cowboys came to drink their money away. Over time, thousands of saloons, bars and pubs popped up all over the city, many of them featuring beer as their main drink. To serve the Coloradoans thirst for fine beer, numerous breweries have been established over the years, with capacity ranging from the enormous Coors facility to microbreweries which produce specialty beers in small quantities. Colorado is ranked second in the number of breweries in the nation, and is currently home for 4 of the top 50 brewing companies in the United States.

Denver is home for many microbreweries and craft brews producers, which brought it the nickname of “the Napa Valley of beer”. Many of them produce specialty assortments of beers which they serve to brew aficionados in their own establishments. The first and one of the best brew pubs in town, is the Wynkoop Brewing Company, founded by the current mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper. Many other award winning breweries can be visited, such as Great Divide Brewing, Dry Dock Brewing and Breckenridge Brewery. You can check out the great variety of brews, take a guided tour of the production facilities or learn about the history of brewing from the expert bartenders who serve these places. If you are really into beer, and wish to learn more about Denver’s brewing, you can take a guided tour through the city, which will take you to the city’s most representative microbreweries and the most interesting pubs. Along this tour you will get the chance to taste a brew that’s well beyond your usual drink, and at the same time to enlarge the horizon of your beer knowledge.

If Denver doesn’t offer you enough when it comes to special beers, you should think about attending the yearly held Great American Beer Festival. This event holds the record of being the place where you can find the largest selection of tap beer in the world, a distinction recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. Over a period of three days on each September, visitors can sample from a selection of over 2,000 American brews, created by almost 500 attending breweries. It is a true celebration for any person who is even remotely interested in beer.

These arguments should be enough to convince anyone who loves beer that a visit to the state of Colorado and its capital, the great city of Denver, is the perfect occasion to enrich their brewing culture while having the time of their life.

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