Cannon Mine Coffee

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Cannon Mine Coffee is one of the oldest coffee houses in Lafayette, Colorado. This is a famous socializing area, where people gather and have a fun time, parties and night outs and also sip an aromatic coffee along with the fun. The whole place is filled with excitement and fun. The store hours are from six in the morning to nine at night on Mondays and Thursdays.

You can enjoy the games at night when you go to this coffee house on Mondays (on the first and the third Monday in the month). If you happen to be in the Cannon Mine Coffee on Thursday (to be specific the 2nd Thursday of the month), then you can hear poems being recited. Poets will surely have a good time at this place. The Last Thursday of the month, the People’s Café will be organized. What can you expect for the weekends? Will it be dull without any life or activity? Nope. One can enjoy great music at the Cannon Mine Coffee on Saturdays and Sundays. This happens on all weekends throughout the month. One can enjoy the concerts (live concerts), being performed at night. The time of the event is from 7 PM to 10:30 PM. Relax during the weekend and enjoy a live concert as well as the fragrance of the coffee and in this ambience.

Cannon Mine Coffee is located on 210 S. Public Road in Lafayette, in the County of Boulder. They have customers who are very loyal and keep coming to this shop often for just a cup of coffee and to be for few minutes in that happy atmosphere. There is a lot of difference between a normal coffee shop and this one because there are a lot of opportunities and activities and this is always an area filled with positive energy. To have a true experience, one needs to check out at this place and experience it by him or herself.

The website provides more information. There are some links and the calendar, which is updated every now and then, as there are so many activities every week.

They are also involved in many charity efforts. They have combined with Boulder Organic Coffee and Habitat for Humanity. In this joint venture, started in March, they plan to sell 11oz Boulder Organic Coffee bags. 30 percent of sales will be donated to the Habitat for Humanity. The packets are sold at $10.49 and are in the form of whole coffee beans.

They have special events like the Artist of the Month and poetry reciting events. From May 8 to 14, 2011, there will be many activities in Cannon Mine Coffee. On Saturday, at 7:30 PM, Jay stern hosts a musical night and Thursday will be the poetry reading time. Colorado white wine will be served on Friday, along with a feast to your ears.

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