Boulder Creek Winery

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Boulder Creek Winery is famous for its classic style wine making along with a blend of modern technology. The Boulder Creek Winery was established in January 2003 by Mike Thompson and Jackie Thompson.

Jackie Thompson received a degree in plant and soil science in 1981, with a keen interest in wine grapes and wine making. Jackie took various wine making and wine chemistry classes. Now Jackie is the main wine maker for the Boulder Creek Winery.

Mike Thompson has also been brewing wine at home for a long time, and like Jackie, has intensive experience and knowledge on wine production from different parts of the world.

Their son Will Thompson also assists his parents in the wine making process at the winery.

Colorado is famous for its wine production and the Colorado vineyards are the highest in the world at an elevation of 4000 to 7000 feet. The natural process of fermentation that leads to the transformation of grapes into wine is monitored under adequate controls at the winery.

The first process of wine making at the winery is sanitation. Stainless steel equipment is used in the entire process in order to avoid any kind of chemical penetration along with high quality sanitation processes that include hot water and pressure water. The sanitation process is environmentally friendly and there is no chance of any chemical residue left in the mixture.

The grapes are processed gently at the winery with special crusher with rubber rollers, which open the grapes without crushing the seeds. The grapes are hand harvested so there is no risk of premature breaking of the grapes. The grape juice after the crushing process is passed on to tanks and barrels, gently and slowly.

The winery is temperature controlled and the grapes are sent to the winery in refrigerated trucks in order to preserve the natural freshness and color. The fermentation process is controlled at the winery at optimum temperatures. In order to avoid any air contact, inert gases are used during the wine transfers. All measures are ensured in order to avoid air contact during the wine making process. The wine is later on chemically analyzed for PH, acid levels, sulfite levels and alcohol content.

All these processes ensure manufacturing high quality wine at the winery. The Boulder Creek Winery also offers free wine samples, wine related gifts, and free winery tours for its guests. You can also join the Boulder Creek Winery special wine club as a member.

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