The Downtown Denver Arts Festival

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Each year around Memorial Day, the residents of the Mile High City and visitors from around the country gather in the charming neighborhood of downtown Denver for a celebration of artistic expression in all its forms. The annual artistic event is called the Downtown Denver Arts Festival, and it draws close to 150,000 visitors, eager to get a taste of fine art in all its glory.

The festival was organized for the first time 13 years ago, under the name of  “Celebrate Colorado Artists Festival”, by a group of enthusiast art lovers wishing to bring some much-deserved exposure to the local artistic scene. Today, the Downtown Denver Arts Festival has become a reference event for art lovers from Colorado and the nation, dedicated to all forms of fine arts, from metal sculpture to photography and jewelry.

There’s something for everyone at the Downtown Denver Arts Festival. Visitors have free access to the exhibition areas, located at the Denver Pavilions shopping area. More than 130 local artists are expected this year at the festival, to showcase their work of arts. Everybody is welcomed to apply, no matter the medium of expression. Nevertheless, the artists that gain the right to participate to the festival are selected by a competent jury, due to space limitations and the desire to show the very best exhibits to the public.

This year’s palette of artistic representations is composed of over 15 media, including clay, textile, glass, furniture, jewelry, leather, metal, photography, stone and wood. Many of the visitors coming to the Downtown Denver Arts Festival choose to take home a piece of art, which makes the event a great opportunity for artists to expose their work to the general public. In 2010, visitors bought over a half of million dollars worth of artwork, from copper sculptures to delicate tapestries, which is a testament for the quality of the work exposed.

Set in the unique entertainment and outdoor shopping area provided by the Denver Pavilions, the Downtown Denver Arts Festival is guaranteed to be a real treat for art lovers, but everybody is invited to join in the fun. Even if you are not a fine art expert, you can find plenty of attractions at the Festival. You can go home with a charming piece of decoration for your home, a sophisticated sculpture or painting to adorn your office or even the perfect gifts for your dear ones.

Visit the Downtown Denver Arts Festival during the Memorial Day weekend to enjoy the beauty of fine art and to connect with many other art enthusiasts.

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